Capacity Building and Training

We bring to your organisation more than 45 years of combined experience in the Non-Profit sector, truly believing in what we do, and, in the range of solutions we can offer you.
Putting our skills to work is embedded in the TPC values. We recognise that we have the capability, credibility, expertise and most importantly, the experience, to provide you with the assistance that you require.

We pride ourselves on being the leading service provider in the Non-Profit sector, focusing on solutions to the challenges you may face as an NPO.  We believe that this can only be achieved through empowering and providing you with the tools which will enable you to embrace change.

Our capacity building and training programmes, in the form of workshops and webinars, are designed specifically with this in mind.  This is supported by our various newsletters and communications across our various platforms.  Not only are these tailored to disseminate technical information, but, critically, provides practical guidance on implementation to your organisation.


1 or 2 day events hosted country wide in partnership with major role players in the sector, including Iqraa Trust South Africa and Inyathelo, who partially subsidise the events allowing for these to be run at a reduced cost to you. These events allow face-to-face engagement with our Directors and NPO Specialists.


Shorter informative sessions focusing on specific topics, providing you with an opportunity to participate from the comfort of your own environment. These are hosted as a combination of both FREE and discounted events.


Hosted by your organisation with TPC engaged to facilitate the internal training sessions on your behalf. Training is specifically aimed to benefit your stakeholders, including staff of your organisation, with the content and topics dependent on your needs.

NPO Times & Alerts

Regular updates and correspondence circulated in order to keep you abreast of the latest accounting, reporting, compliance and tax developments impacting on your NPO. A library of this can be found within our Resources.

Schedule a training session

Contact us should you wish to partner with us for an event or schedule a training a session for your organisation.

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