NPO Risk Assessment

Developed specially to cater for your NPO’s unique needs by our team of tax finance & legal experts.

Our past working experience and understanding of the Non-Profit sector has granted us an in-depth knowledge of the problems encountered by NPO’s within their statutory, governance, administration, operational and financial processes.

This served as a catalyst for us developing the NPO Risk Assessment Toolkit tailored specifically for you as an NPO.  The Risk Assessment and situational analysis is performed on the following categories:

Management Governance

Financial Management

Internal Controls

The toolkit is a series of questions, which are linked to specific risks within the above categories.  Your NPO answers a series of questions from the predefined response list, with each response having specific scoring.  This is followed by an on-site assessment and collaboration of information, which forms part of our methodology to identify areas of risk faced by your NPO along with the likelihood of such risks occurring. 

Findings are then documented and a Report to Management along with a Risk Dashboard is prepared describing risks identified together with recommendations  for you to mitigate such risks.

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