Tax and Advisory

Taxation is one of the biggest cost items in any business (yes, even your NPO), yet if managed correctly can prove very advantageous to your organisation.

Taxation is one of the biggest cost items in any business (yes, even your NPO), yet if managed correctly can prove very advantageous to your organisation.

A range of tax benefits have been provided to the NPO sector, however these are riddled across various Taxing Acts and differs based on activities for different organisations therefore making it very difficult to fully understand, let alone practically applying in order to obtain maximum benefit.

Using state-of-the-art systems and technology, coupled with our specialist skills and un-paralleled industry knowledge, TPC can assist your NPO navigate through the maze of Tax legislation and ensure that your organisation is obtaining maximum benefits.

Our deep technical knowledge combined with practical, commercial and NPO sector experience will assist your organisation build the strong compliance and reporting foundations – thereby helping your organisation achieve its objectives and obtain maximum benefits provided by Government.

As the most trusted business and tax advisor and preferred supplier of tax and consultancy services to some of the most reputable NPOs in South Africa, we look forward to assisting and adding value to your organisation.

General Tax compliance

Tax Compliance and reporting make huge demands on organisations in the present day. 

For NPOs, we have developed integrated, consistent and quality service offerings that enhance your compliance function across different tax types.

Our various compliance offerings allow you to focus on the most important aspects of building your organisation whilst having the absolute peace of mind that you tax affairs are being handled and well taken care of by a team of professionals who have a combined experience of close to 50 years in the NPO sector.

Specialised Income Tax Services for NPOs

Many NPOs incorrectly believe that they are fully exempt from Income Tax once a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status is obtained. In fact, besides having an annual compliance responsibility of filing income tax returns, PBOs may have to also pay income tax on trade and business income earned.

Tax legislation has provided instances where partial exemptions on certain income streams however do apply, and, we at TPC can assist your organisation to structure your income streams to ensure the minimum amount of income tax is paid, thus ensuring more money is ploughed into core activities of the organisation.

Specialised Value-Added Tax Services for NPOs

Your NPO could currently face a possible financial risk in the form of unclaimed tax incentives, one of which is VAT. This is even more so considering that many NPOs are under the impression that they either do not qualify for VAT registration or are perhaps even “VAT exempt”.

With these misconceptions and increased VAT rate, your organisation faces the prospect of further financial loss as you are paying VAT at a rate of 15% on purchases and may not be claiming this back even though you may be entitled to.

The NPO sector is one that is highly specialised, and our team of tax and legal experts has focused on sector specific legislation to ensure that we are able to offer you solutions to mitigate such risks.

We are thus able to assist your NPO by:


Evaluating, in accordance with applicable VAT legislation the extent of unclaimed VAT benefits that your organisation has suffered


Retrospectively recovering any such VAT claims on your behalf

We propose to adopt the following phased approach for the assignment:

01. Engage

In order to obtain an understanding of your organisation, its structure and activities, to ascertain the nature of tax benefits that may be applicable.

02. Analyse

Analyse and quantify the impact of any possible tax inefficiencies, focusing on areas of risk (including but not limited to VAT) and applying our technology-based solution to remedy this.

03. Recover

We recover any previously unclaimed tax incentives that may have been indentified.

04. Empower

Empower you through a transfer of knowledge and skills during the project, along with formal class room style training upon completion of the assignment to ensure that going forward you are able to continue accessing the applicable tax benefits.

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